Multi - DRM

We provide DRMKeyService (SaaS) and DRMKeyServer (On-Demand software) with common API. Development Kit is included. PlayReady and Widevine DRM supported.


Content Encryption

The most industry demanded in/out formats SS, HLS and MPEG-DASH with CENC. VOD and Live ingests includes MS PlayReady Key Rotation with embedded licenses. License Chaining is supported.


MultiScreen Playback

We cover PC, MAC with HTML5 with EME and CDM. Android, iOS supported with Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady v3 for devices.


VerseDigital provides modern solutions for a dynamically changing world of media delivery with 10 years of experience in the streaming media industry.

Our company offers:
  • Digital Rights Managements services (SaaS).
  • Various solutions for content processing, encryption, streaming and secure playback.
  • High quality products and customers support.

  • What we do is our passion. It gives us the ability to be on top of technologies, continuously innovate, and improve our products and services. Our experience helps us to get the best and optimal results. Learning process is not a stranger to us but is our best friend. We are always ready to face new challenges and love to overcome them.

    VerseDigital work principles are:
  • Individual approach to each customer.
  • High security standards.
  • Innovative and cost - effective solutions and services.
  • Agile development, Q&A and solution deployment on customer premise if desired.

  • We value relationships with our customer, partners and employees.

    Describe us your requirements and business model specifics. Based on your needs we can offer customized or standard solution.


    Media Formats
    MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG2-TS.

    Video Delivery
    VOD, Live.

    Common Encryption, Multiple DRM (Microsoft PlayReady, Widevine, Marlin), Key-Rotation, Offline playback, Domains.

    Video codecs
    H.264, HEVC.

    Audio codecs
    AAC, AC3, EC3, AC4.

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